My Live Personal Interview

What are some of the challenges and rewards of being a health administrator?

In my line of career, I face many challenges, which arise from day-to-day operations of the facility. First and foremost, building a consensus when implementing a strategic plan, with all concerned, is always a difficult task. I was once tasked to implement an expansion program for the facility, which could have led to expanding the services offered by the facility, as well as, increasing the number of staff. The board of members had different opinions on what they wanted to be expanded in terms of the facility and services being offered to patients. Some of the member wanted the cancer unit to be expanded in order to offer better services to patients and further research be conducted on cancer disease. Others member wanted the neurology department be equipped with modern facilities to combat all neurological referrals within the state. We discussed all the pros and cons of implementing the different ideas until we settled on expansion of the cancer unit of the hospital. This needed a lot of patience with a lot of convincing power to bring on board all the members of the hospital team to one consensus.