Resignasation Letter

Dear —–:

It is with deep regret that I must submit my resignation of my current position in favor of a per diem role.  Please be assured that, having worked at the company for over eight years and consistently applied myself to my job in as committed and professional manner as possible, this is not a decision made randomly or lightly.  Rather, and as I am compelled to relate, certain circumstances virtually require me to follow this course and terminate a position I have always valued highly.  In plain terms, and as I will make evident, there is a Director of Nursing with authority over me I find to be completely unsuited to her position, and guilty of many and ongoing abuses of her role.  Even as I submit this resignation, I am unable to fully accept that this individual is permitted to mistreat nurses as she does, and actually retaliate against criticisms in ways blatantly unfair and abusive.  I cannot let my extreme disappointment, however, stand in the way of my own professional responsibility to convey the realities which are compelling me to resign.


Internal Medicine Personal Statement

It is not uncommon to hear that one should learn from his successes and mistakes but as I critically analyze my life, I have tried to learn from every experience no matter how irrelevant it might have seemed at first. In fact, my internal medicine philosophy is nothing but the outcome of the lessons of all these experiences. One of my first interests in life as a young child was reading detective novels. Even back then, I was aware why I loved detective novels despite their predictable endings. What I really loved about detective novels was not the hero or the endings but the thought processes that were involved in solving the cases. The novels helped me realize that things are not always what they seem and facts cannot be unearthed unless one has looked at all aspects of an issue. In other words, detective novels helped me develop a love for critical and independent thinking. While medical science has come a long way, especially over the last few decades, human element is still very important in efficient delivery of healthcare practices and diagnosis often depends upon the skills of the healthcare practitioner rather than state of technology. As a medical practitioner, I will not rule out any possibility no matter how remote it may seem but I realize the cost of any negligence may mean the whole difference in the life of someone.


Disappointment Letter

I decided to become a nurse because I always felt a sense of duty towards fellow members of the society and wanted to pursue a career which will not only be a source of income but will also enable me to make positive difference in others’ lives. My sense of duty is evident in my selfless service to the patients at the nursing house with whom I have enjoyed a great relationship for the past ten years. Like any dedicated employee, I also have natural desire to be appreciated for my efforts and hard work so that I feel a valued employee of the organization and am further motivated to strive for professional excellence. Healthcare organizations succeed when the employees are recognized for their efforts and this recognition further improves the overall quality of care given to the patients.

Education English



I was born and raised in Haiti, but currently living and working in Brooklyn NY, since I was a little girl my ambition is to build a career in the entertainment business as a solo singer, specializing in R&B, Zouk and Reggae. This goal brings me into contact with famous producers like Wyclef Jean, Kevin Little and Beanie Man and it is against this group that I have developed a deep and abiding prejudice.

The idea that producers are only considered with getting a female singer on to their casting couch and seducing them is definitely a stereotype, but I have found it to be a cliché that is actually quite accurate. Many of the producers with whom I have come into contact have made it quite clear that if I did not submit to their sexual advances, I had no hope for finding employment or building my career. I believe that this is one of the major problems why there is a gender gap in the entertainment industry and it is one we all heard about frequently. There are significantly fewer good roles for women than there are for men. This pertains to all aspects of this industry including film, TV, and music.


Personal Response on Sexual Identity

When I begin to reflect on my thoughts and feelings regarding my own sexual identity, I face a dilemma I imagine is common for many; namely, that how I perceive my own sexual being is so inextricably connected with my sense of myself, it is difficult to isolate it as a distinct facet of who I am.  In plain terms, gender and sexuality are so infused within individual being, there can be no truly valid separation of them from the self.  Some of this, I believe, is certainly an effect of cultural influences, which are amplified as being maintained historically.  Added to this is the inescapable fact that individuals shape the culture just as they are influenced by it.  Then, further complicating the arena is the reality that personal sexual perceptions vary as men and women mature, and their needs and circumstances change.  The entire subject is essentially vastly complex and, as I mentioned, I think this is true for most of us.


How BSN nursing degree and work experiences in the hospital, have influenced your ability to become a leader in nursing field

Nursing is a very challenging and demanding career, however I feel the rewards have been great and that my education has thoroughly prepared me to embark on this career. I really enjoy being able to help and care for people, and the field of nursing allows me to connect with patients on a personal and in-depth level that appeals to me greatly and drew me to this field over a decade ago.


Sustainability Management Personal Statement

I am pursuing my undergraduate degree in marketing, thus, my desire to pursue a graduate degree in sustainability management may come as a surprise to some; whereas marketing emphasizes consumption, sustainability management preaches resource conservation. I seek knowledge on a wide range of subject matters because they help expand my thinking horizon and my work experiences with both for-profit and non-profit organizations have also been inspired by the desire to better understand the world. While globalization has mostly been a positive force, it is also encouraging consumption lifestyle all over the world. Moreover, global warming poses a grave danger to the future of mankind. All of these insights have convinced me that we need to take drastic steps to responsibly use the limited resources of our planet which is why I have decided to pursue my Master in Sustainability Management.

Every generation is responsible for creating a better world for the future generations and our generation is no different. Fortunately, my generation has risen to the challenge as evident by the rising importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) among commercial and non-commercial organizations. But my work experiences in both U.S. and abroad have revealed that majority of the organizations only practice sustainability management for publicity purposes and only incorporate sustainability principles in few aspects of their overall operations. This is either due to poor understanding of the economic benefits or the misconception that sustainability is mostly about recycling and/or using materials that are nonhazardous to the environment. My education at Columbia University will equip me with the knowledge and skills to convince organizations that sustainability encompasses almost all aspects of operations

Columbia University also appeals to me because it has been a leader in producing graduates who are not afraid to utilize innovation to solve some of the most difficult global issues. When we talk about sustainability management, we often think of corporations but I believe that sustainability management should be pursued by everyone from governments to corporations to private individuals. I have gained experiences with both for-profit and non-profit organizations including social welfare organizations and technology companies and have realized that knowledge and awareness are often the first step towards a major progress. My career plans do not only include providing consulting services to large and small-scale corporations but also take advantage of internet and technology as well as grassroots campaigns to promote responsible and environmentally-friendly lifestyles among citizens. To gain ideas, I have also done extensive research on Columbia University’s alumni who are working towards promoting sustainable lifestyle practices in the U.S. as well as abroad including some of the poorest countries in the world.

I am also excited about attending Columbia University because I will have the opportunity to be taught by world-class faculty and interact with smart students from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. In addition, I will also have access to the University’s strong professional network that includes both commercial and non-commercial organizations. Graduate studies is one of the most important investments in our future and I cannot ask for a better place than Columbia University as I prepare myself for a lifetime career of promoting sustainable lifestyle and business practices.


Real Estate

One of the causes of the recent financial crisis was the unrealistic assumptions behind real estate investments that were driven more by emotions than objective reasoning. Globalization has significantly transformed several economic sectors and real estate has been no different. Foreign investments in the real estate sectors have been increasing but unfortunately the sheer amount of money often leads to inflated values. My academic and work experiences have convinced me that real estate investment requires a more comprehensive and disciplined approach which is why I have decided to pursue my Masters in Real Estate.

Creative Writing

Personal statement

To whom it may concern and the staff at Cal State University,

It was love at first sight when I saw my English teacher in the 7th grade. This foreign language she was so eloquently speaking astonished me. That was the first time I saw someone speak a language other than my native language- Arabic. The first I time I was introduced to English it was like music on my ears. I waited for English class every day with passion and excitement.

I still remember my gorgeous English teacher Sara; she was the one who made me love the English language. My teacher noticed how passionate I was and she was always supportive and encouraging- helping me when I struggled to grasp the English concepts of grammar and punctuation, something very different from my traditional writing. I remember when she gave me a critique on my writing- advising me to put more spaces between words so my writing would improve and be more emphatic.

I spent the whole summer trying to write the new words that I had just learned in my first two semesters that year. As other children played outside, I read grammar books and practiced my vocabulary. Next year in 8th grade there was a book fair in my school- the first thing that caught my eyes was an illustrated English dictionary. It was two hundred pages long. I purchased the book and finished it cover to cover in weeks, memorizing each word with passion till I finished it. Later in secondary school , when people would ask me what I planned on doing with my future, I would tell them definitively that I wanted to be an English teacher. I would say this to them with a huge smile on face, proud of the new language I had grasped. I graduated from high school to be enrolled in one of the top universities in Saudi Arabia- King Saud University; I had been accepted into their English program. I enjoyed every moment through my college study and graduated with a GPA of 3.2 which granted me a scholarship from my university to USA to pursue my masters degree in English.

When I was in King Saud University I was a volunteer teacher in an orphanage called Insan. I taught four girls from middle school and tried to help them with some difficulties they were facing with grasping English in school. One of the girls told me that she wanted to be a great translator and translate books from English to Arabic and vice versa.

Why I loved learning English is because learning another language not only expands a person’s knowledge, it expands the person’s horizon. It gives the person more choices to achieve their goals. Learning new languages is not just learning how to speak the language, but about learning about the people and the culture behind the language. Race, gender and other boundaries will dissolve when people from different cultures communicate as one.

To be an English teacher and help people to achieve their goals and through this learning they will be open minded and share with others their culture is a great value to motivate me to pursue my master in English. The United States is the leader in theoretical research of TESOL. While pursuing my master’s degree, I plan to study the process of students of other languages as they begin learning English, as well as how teachers deal with non-English speaking students. I am hoping through my education I can learn more about the culture as well as adapt strategies that can aid teachers who struggle in communicating with non-native English speaking students.

After I graduate from graduate school, I do have plans of furthering my education at Cal State University in San Bernadino- a university with an exceptional TESOL program for English teachers hoping to work with non-native English speaking students. I strongly hope that I will be accepted into their exceptional English program. I am excited about all the English language has taught me, but I am more excited about what I have to teach others about the language, as well as the culture.


Architecture Personal Statement

I have always enjoyed travelling because it doesn’t only expand your thinking horizon through exposure to other cultures but also enhances your creative potential. Whenever I visit other countries, I often take notes of the exterior and interior architecture. Over the years, I have observed that while exterior architecture usually attracts more attention, interior architecture is usually more challenging because of greater possibilities as well as variations in individual tastes. This is why I have decided to pursue my Masters in Architecture because it will provide me with greater creative room in both exterior and interior architecture.


Haas Application

For the Haas School, there are four principles that, taken together, sharply define us relative to other business schools in the United States. As you reflect on these principles (Confidence without Attitude, Question the Status Quo, Students Always, Beyond Yourself) which one do you identify most with? Why?


Being a woman, I have always been conscious of the preferential treatment men enjoy in most societies. This may be why I identify myself more closely with “Questioning the Status Quo” than other three principles. I believe the leaders of tomorrow will also need qualities that women are usually better at such as compassion, communication skills, ability to put oneself in other’s shoes, and ethical conduct. Women are also determined to  make more difference in the society because they face more adversity. Thus, the world will benefit when both men and women have equal opportunities for leadership.


Personal statement for nursing

Nursing is a wide field and my passion for this field is the care accorded to patients. I enjoy working and taking care of the patients in restoring their health. I believe my penchant for this filed stems from the fact that I once got involved in an accident last May 2012, which fractured my c-2, but no residual problems. This accident changed my life as a single parent to two children aged 4 and 14. I have a fully credentialed LPN with eight years of experience in providing compassionate care in a correctional or locked environment. My educational background and experiences explain my passion and a penchant for nursing. The knowledge I gained while providing care has enabled me appreciate the need to embrace the way of life for different communities and cultures. My strong medic ethic has enabled me steer through the challenges associated in this career and has encouraged me to acquire the knowledge of body mechanics. I have had good opportunities while working at U Mass Correctional health and Taunton State Hospital, which gave me exposure to events happening around the world and especially comprehension of the medical clinical procedures. The environment also gave me the necessary skills and experience.

Computer Science

Diversity of Computer Science

Computer has been a discipline of great interest since childhood. It is a field that has propelled South Vietnam, my place of birth, to unimaginable heights of technological developments. Despite the many opportunities that the discipline presents, the challenge of underrepresentation of certain groups in computer science job opportunities and degree has become a major drawback in the recent past. Vietnamese women, to be specific, continue to face unique social and structural barriers in both the access as well as the exposure to the broad range of opportunities that this field of study bpresentes. I believe that perusing a computer science program at your university will open a new ray of hope and opportunity of bridging the representation gap in the field.

Political Science

Why Enrolling in the Army

I grew up in a single parent household yet I could not have asked for a better family. It may be due to the fact that my mom faced every hurdle in life with a brave face and also instilled the values in us she learnt as a soldier in the military. But my mom is not the only reason I have developed interest in the military. Even though I was quite young, I still remember the days when 9/11 happened. In the following years, I realized we often take some of the most precious things as granted including liberty. While it is amazing how patriot citizens signed up for the military in the wake of 9/11, service to the nation should not be limited to times of crisis, too. It is due to this conviction that I have decided to pursue a military career so that I could use my unique linguistic talent to serve the nation’s interests around the world.