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Millions of people around the world suffer from neurological injuries that can be the cause for serious concern. In some instances, millions ignore the injuries and the warning signs associated with head traumas. Head traumas are a serious injury that have side effects that can range from headaches, dizziness, and other conditions that are best checked in case of damage to the brain or the spinal cord. Pneumocephalus is a condition that can be complicated to diagnose. When patients go in to get checked out the most common complaint is headaches that tend to be neurological symptoms that are related to the buildup of air that places pressure on the brain. Only in the case of MRI scan can doctors determine if there is a serious neurological problem that will show images of the brain and skull. Pneumocephalus is an emergency situation in which there is no outlet for the air that has buildup in the skull. Pnemocephalus is present within the intracranial compartments of the cranial vault that can cause serious complications including the disruption of the brain.