Final Business Project

There are many different factors that affect an employee, but norms often shape an employee’s behavior in the workplace. Often, the environment and corporate culture of a business either allows or directs employees to behave in certain ways. All teams rely on each other for support, and look to their superior for guidance and assistance when needed.

Criminal Justice

Merging companies’ code of conduct


Merging brings two reputable companies together which had different managerial strategy. The victorious incorporation joins, reinstates, and changes various processes, strategies, and organizational arrangement of the both companies. In a very well organized merging strategy may result to a very distinctly special and unique resourceful operational system than the former one which may be very profitable. Therefore, such integration may require leaders to serious measures in order to make the merging result to great merits for the both companies. The merging of two companies brings together two distinct employees which may bring various managerial challenges due to different cultural differences in managerial system of the former companies. This paper describes how setting up of the code of conduct for the newly formed company can help in ensuring the associated challenges in management system are minimized.


The role of corporate culture in the success or failure of a project

The differences in the success rates of project management are determined by the extent of job training for the managers. The level training is important in the implementation of corporate culture. In this respect, some managers may be more skilled while others may be unskilled in this profession of project management (Gray & Larson, 2011). The implication of culture is how people do thing in an organization and it has a huge effect on the success of any project in the organization. For example, if someone asks how successful the management in an organization delivers assignments and projects, and the response is that there is an extremely poor performance at delivering projects, then it becomes imperative that the corporate culture in that particular organization is in doubt (Gray & Larson, 2011).

American History

Veteran’s Oral History

1.What was your experience with the Vietnam War and how did it impact your life?

The veteran provided some very interesting insights regarding his experiences as a veteran of the Vietnam War. Historically, this war was a challenge for the American people and the soldiers who fought on the front lines day in and day out. From this experience, the veteran indicated that he was proud of his service during this war, even though he was surrounded by the loss of many of his friends and fellow soldiers. As a survivor of this war, he is grateful, but he will always remember what the war meant to him on a personal level.


Teaching/Learning Plan

Patient Profile and Assessment

The primary purpose of this health assessment and evaluation is encouraging and guiding a patient in starting a smoking cessation program. The patient is a long-time smoker who is also exposed to second-hand smoke, and she is in the office today for her annual physical.

The patient is a married 73-year-old, white female who presented at the doctor’s office for her annual check-up on December 21, 2013. Her physical examination went well and she reported no particular health concerns. However, she did admit that she still smokes, when asked. After her physical and health assessment, I spent an extra 10-15 minutes with the patient to discuss her smoking habit and possible cessation. She is a geriatric patient who has a husband who is a chain smoker, and has been ever since he was a teenager. She stated she stopped smoking for 20 years, but she started up again within the last 15 years just because “She enjoys it and she is always around it,” as she stated. With this in mind, it is important to ascertain the reasons why this patient began a smoking habit after having quit for so many years, in an attempt to encourage her to stop again.


Teaching/Learning Asthma Project


Introduction – Patient Profile Assessment

  • Demographics
  • Developmental stage
  • Learning Assessment

Teaching Plan


Jonson and Johnson Company Financial History

Income Statement (in Millions)

  2015 2016 2017
Sales for customers 70,074 71,890 76,450
Cost of products sold (21,536) (21,685) (25384)
Gross profit 48,538 50,205 51,096
Selling, marketing and administrative expenses (21,203) (19,945) (21,420)
Research and development  expense (9,046) (9,095) (10,554)
In-process research and development (224) (29) (408)
Restructuring (509) (491) (309)
Operating earnings 17,556 20,645 18,405
Interest income 128 368 385
Interest expense ,net of portion capitalized (552) (726) (934)
Other income(expense)net 2,064 (484) (183)
Earnings before provision for taxes on income 19,196 19,803 17,673
Provision for taxes on income (3,787) (3,263) (16,373)
Net earnings 15,409 16,540 1,300