Stock Analysis: Ralph Lauren Corp.

Executive Summary

            Within the realm of businesses the longevity success is dependent on a number of factors, tools used to evaluate a company’s success are utilized by their shareholders in the forms of financial statements such as the income statement, or cash flow statements. For investors and potential investors looking to buy stock within the company the best tool that they use is stock profile analysis. The object of this report is to provide a clear company analysis provided for the view of an investor in evaluating the probability of buying stock from Ralph Lauren Corporation. Within this report will be an overview of the company’s background, brands, business model, along with a SWOT analysis that details their strengths and weaknesses as a billion dollar global company. Along with the aid of charts and financial analysis will help to guide the investor into future earnings that will net the investor considerable ROI in the next few years. This report recommendation is to buy stock within this company, based on their performance in the last five years, and their future performance.