American Literature

American literary Renaissance

The period of the American literary Renaissance historically marks a certain general blossoming of creativity in American literature, however, it seems that it would be too cursory and inaccurate to classify these writers in terms of a shared commitment to a particular world view or ideology. Rather, what brings these authors together is their obvious shared status as contemporaries and an expansive creativity in terms of writing, in particular, with an attentiveness to the tradition of writing itself. Perhaps, therefore, this tradition can be united in terms of these authors having themselves discovered the rich tradition of English literature, seeking to contribute to this corpus in their own unique ways.


Piece of art from different times

Piece of art from ancient times

One of the pieces of art from ancient times is “Ready to sail” by the artist Carmen Galigarcia. The intention of this artist was to express the traditional artistic values which are an integral part of her Cuban culture and heritage. Cuban artists influenced him concerning the style he used. Galigarcia sires her travel souvenirs through her paintings, the act of  walking around with her paints and brushes portray what click her imagination and fascinates her.