Political Science

Research Proposal – Empirical Political Analysis


Youth crime rates in America are the subject of research and statistical analysis. There have been studies concluded by many government agencies to determine trends. However, delinquency among young people is influenced by many factors; such as parental involvement, education and sociological background. Family structure statistics are scarce in Florida, therefore, the authors would like to compare trends and housing statistics with juvenile crime rates based on race.  The current proposal also addresses the question whether this relationship is based on family conditions, age, location and sociological patterns.


Measuring Perceptions of Prejudice among Native and Non-Native Muslims In Non-Muslim Nations

In the post-9/11 sociopolitical global environment, much discussion has been given to the nature of Islam and the issue of how Muslims are perceived in countries around the world. The purpose of this study will be to examine issues related to prejudice as experienced by Muslims living in primarily non-Muslim regions of the world, such as Western Europe and the United States. Particular attention will be paid to drawing distinctions between Muslims who are native to non-Muslim nations and Muslims who migrated more recently to non-Muslim nations, wit an eye towards determining if these groups perceive or experience prejudicial attitudes from non-Muslims to different degrees.


Determining the Influence of Linguistic Differences on Marital Stressors in Inter-Cultural Marriages


In an increasingly globalized world, opportunities for people of different racial and cultural backgrounds have greater opportunities for contact than at any time in human history. In this context, the issue of interracial and intercultural marriage, and the attendant satisfaction of partners in such marriages, is of legitimate concern for researchers. The purpose of this study will be to explore the construct of intercultural marriages with a specific focus on how linguistic differences influence the ability of married partners to navigate culture-based stressors. The study will be premised on the hypothesis that intercultural married partners who share a common first language will express greater overall levels of satisfaction with their relationships than intercultural married partners who do share a common first language.


Research Proposal: Vitamin D and Digestion


            Vitamin D is a natural chemical that is produced in the skin from a vitamin D-precursor via sunlight exposure. Without sufficient amounts of vitamin D, the body will along absorb 10-15% of the necessary calcium. Researchers have recently found that there are vitamin D receptors on organs in the body, such as the heart, blood vessels, endocrine glands, and muscles, indicating the importance in digestion. The purpose of the study is determine the effectiveness or efficiency of binding sites in the oval cavity of individuals in order to correlate the importance of vitamin D in the digestion process.


The Use of Aspirin


Aspirin is an extremely common drug that is in regular use today. The drug has been in use since the 1890’s and has demonstrated its ability to be used in the treatment of various ailments since that time. Aspirin is the broad term in reference to acetylsalicylic acid and is the trademark of the medication manufactured by Bayer in Germany. Although aspirin is at times considered a trademark, its general reference is associated with acetylsalicylic acid. In the context of this paper, aspirin refers to acetylsalicylic acid. The initial development of the drug focused on making as an analgesic or a painkiller, and this remains the sole purpose of the drug in the perspectives of most individuals. Aspirin was the first nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug and remains the most effective drug of this kind.


Clinical Health Records in Clinical Settings


Nursing documentations are very important element in keeping the health and safety of the patients while undergoing treatment. This is because it provide the seamless connection in the among the entire health car professional providing the healthcare. For effectiveness and ease of sharing, the Electronic health records are more effective method used for the documentation of the information of the patient so that it can be easily accessed by all the health care providers in the system (Saranto & Kinnunen, 2008).


Copyright Infringement: Where to Draw the Line?

Proposed Title of Study

As information continues to increase rapidly in both quality and quantity, major forms of copyrighted data are under attack by infringers of copyright, who illegally duplicate and later information for both public and private use. The topic of this thesis, as aforementioned above, deals with copyright infringement, and where to draw the line; in terms of what is considered infringement of copyright, and what direct legislative action can be taken.

Summary of Proposed Study

Copyright infringement has for decades been a major problem for both owners of copyright information and the governments of both Australian and overseas countries. The fair use of information has been subjected to illegal use, proliferation and distribution via the use of technology. Consent between parties in terms of illegal sharing of information has given rise to loopholes in legislation on national and international scales.


Research proposal article: Therapeutic microRNA Delivery Suppresses Tumorigenesis in a Murine Liver Cancer Model

Unanswered questions in this research article pertain towards underscoring the protumorigenic effects of miRNA loss-of-function; why cells were expressed at approximately equivalent levels in normal liver and tumors; reasons why miR-34a was strongly upregulated in liver tumors; what influences antitumorigenic properties and potential therapeutic utility for liver cancer in vitro and in vivo (Kota, 2009)


The Psychology of Men and Marriage


This research paper will address the psychology of men and marriage.  In particular why many modern marriages end up in separation and divorce.  What are the underlying psychological causations. There is no doubt that many young couples starting out on married life.  Need some degree of help in facing the challenges that lie ahead.  There is a bridge that needs to be built with recognition for the equality of women and the right to have a career, whilst being empathetic men in understanding their changing role.  Empirical research will involve the use of surveys and questionnaires from a cross-sample of society with an aim at examination of trends and correlations.  By understanding the different factors of causation it is hoped to produce a model of remedial action statements.


The purpose of the research is to understand the psychological considerations that underpin the high rates of divorce and marital separation in the USA.  The first part of Ronald Levant’s book, “A new psychology of men” (Levant R.F. and Pollack, 1995), focuses upon gender roles strains.  In the modern marriages we are seeing a lot of role reversal taking place.  The wife is going out to work and having a career, essentially the money earner,  whilst the husband is staying at home looking after the kids and dealing with domestic chores.  Unless there is good synergy, communication and understanding in the marriage.


The main academic research input will be provided of Ronald Levant’s book, “A new psychology of men” (Levant R.F. and Pollack, 1995)More modern interpretations will be provided by a review of peer reviewed journal articles and current text books in this area.


I will complete a number of structured questionnaires and arrange specific interview sessions with people who have been through separations and divorce.  This will provide specific insight into the issues and problems that people faced.  By means of structured questionnaires this will assist in both comparative analysis and determination of common factors of causation in marital or relationship break-ups.  Marriage is considered a social contract, primarily because the issues that are involved extend beyond the concerns of purely the particular individuals.  The children of the married couples are  the future generations of which the whole society depends.  In essence, the termination of the marriage contract is either a legal consideration or by death.  In more modern marriages parties often seek legal contract terms that protect their financial assets i.e. in the event of separation or divorce.  These are often referred to as ‘premarital or prenuptial agreements’.  This type of arrangement is it’s often more common amongst wealthy or affluent  couples, and second marriages.  (rasul, I. 2012)


The method will be based upon a qualitative approach. Qualitative research has a number of different focal points but in essence attempts to address a perspective of the attitude of people towards their behavioural traits, their value systems, their lifestyle and culture and their needs or desires.  The diagram to the right illustrates how these concepts inter-relate with one another.   The idea of this research method is to add shape or abstraction to unstructured states.  (QSR International, 2011).

In summary qualitative research seeks to answer questions by the collection of evidence and accompanying research in an orderly and systematic way.  Such finding not having a pre-determined result and may cover research that extends beyond the immediate bounds of the study.  There are a number of different components in terms of how qualitative research studies are conducted but they include: (i) Participant Observation – this is the collection of data or information that occurs from a behavioural context (ii) Interviewing – normally in depth interviews that collect or gather personal data and provide such information as personal experiences, viewpoints or historical data (iii) Focus groups – essentially study groups that tend to elicit data on a broad overview of cultural norm topics.  Such data normally takes the form of field notes, audio tapes, transcripts and more recently notes captured on computer tablets.


I will be guided by an interpretive perspective of the data captured and focus on the underlying causation factors that lead to disruption or breakdown in the social relationship. Examination of both internal and external forces with use of root cause analysis models.


Mainly limited to the sample size and geographical restrictions of the survey data


The boundaries of this study will be limited to the sample size and the geographical area selected for conducting this research.




Levant R.F. and Pollack, W. (1995). A new psychology of men. New York: Basic Books.

QSR International. (2011, 11 2). What is qualitative research. Retrieved from QSR International:

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Graphic novels


Using graphic novels in the education system and more so in the reading process tends to motivate reluctant readers. These novels provide the reader with entertainment present in many forms of conventional media. It is imperative that these novels are not accorded significance by educators with their benefits notwithstanding. Regardless of the acknowledgement by librarians and students, the media is not yet included in the educational curriculum, and therefore, not used in classrooms. This study looks at the perceptions of educators on using graphic novels in motivating reluctant readers and whether such strategies motivate these readers. Five high school teachers and five librarians were interviewed about their perceptions on the use of graphic novels to facilitate learning. The analysis into their responses reveals that most educators do not use graphic novels to motivate reluctant readers due to the absence of this genre in the curriculum (Frey & Fisher, 2008). However, they recognized the benefits of using graphic novels in motivating reluctant readers and have positive perceptions on including graphic novels into the curriculum. Similarly, Smith (n.d) argues that most librarians confirmed the rise in popularity of the use of these novels and attested to the preference of this media by most readers.

Family and Consumer Science

Unreached People Group Project

For this project I will be focusing my attention on the Ad Dharmi people of India. The Ad Dharmi people are a large tribe in India with a low literacy rate, disgraceful work conditions and an insufficient amount of food to feed all of their people. The Ad Dharmi people  The Ad Dharmis speak Panjabi, a western Indian dialect. Right now, the Ad Dharmi people are being persecuted in India and need help from outside sources to be able to live a more amicable lifestyle. These people are starving, poor and uneducated and would benefit greatly from missionaries visiting the area to help the people. The thesis for the paper is the benefits and consequences of ministry outreach to the Ad Dharmi people- weigh the benefits of aiding the Ad Dharmi people against the dangers of missionary work in India, particularly where the Ad Dharmi people are located.

Social Issues

Strategies to help prevent and manage HIV among the youths

When HIV epidemic was first discovered in 1983, it was majorly concentrated among the adult male persons who were injecting drug users. Today however, this epidemic has spread to other industries like the sex industry, and its increase is alarming. This epidemic has been observed to be very prevalent among young people of between the ages 15- 24 years at a percentage of 51.1%.  Almost 23% affects the people of ages 24 to 35 years. The proportion of those between 10 to 14 years was also increasing, and by 2006 had reached 10.2%. (MOH, 2010).

Social Issues

Help-seeking Behaviors in Vietnamese with Mental Health Problems

History of the Problem

Mental health problems are a global concern that affects people of all races, cultures and ethnicities. This is a universal fact with all groups of people. However, when it comes to mental health services utilization, help-seeking behaviors are not so universal among these groups. When it comes to seeking help for mental health problems, some individuals are receptive to the idea and some are not. This is true of groups of people in various races, cultures and ethnicities, as well as with individuals. Help-seeking behaviors related to mental health services utilization is influenced by various factors such as race, gender, age, mental disorder status, language barriers, or possibly discrimination. However, stigmas associated with mental health problems play a significant role in mental health help-seeking behaviors within specific races and cultures. Views and behaviors toward seeking help for mental issues are a factor of what someone believes based on the environment in which someone was raised. Mental health services help-seeking behaviors among people of certain races are tied to perceptions and attitudes imposed on them, and this can lead to underutilization of mental health services and disparities in care (Lannert, B. K., 2010).


A Proposal for Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 4

An Overview of This Proposal 4

Background    5

Assessment of Berkshire Hathaway’s Future Performance 6

Analysis of Methodology 7

Analysis of Berkshire Hathaway using S&P 8

Conclusion 9

Recommendation 9

References 10


As a leading consultant of Embry Investment Group (EIG), this proposal is presented in order to provide a fair and balanced recommendation of the option to acquire Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is a conglomerate enterprise made up of several large business units with its specialty and largest, Geico Insurance Company. This proposal will serve to provide an analysis of the background, future performance evaluation of the company, and analysis of the methodology of evaluation used. With the gathered information supported by data from the company, finance charts, and other resources an educated recommendation will be provided based on the information reported.