Resignasation Letter

Dear —–:

It is with deep regret that I must submit my resignation of my current position in favor of a per diem role.  Please be assured that, having worked at the company for over eight years and consistently applied myself to my job in as committed and professional manner as possible, this is not a decision made randomly or lightly.  Rather, and as I am compelled to relate, certain circumstances virtually require me to follow this course and terminate a position I have always valued highly.  In plain terms, and as I will make evident, there is a Director of Nursing with authority over me I find to be completely unsuited to her position, and guilty of many and ongoing abuses of her role.  Even as I submit this resignation, I am unable to fully accept that this individual is permitted to mistreat nurses as she does, and actually retaliate against criticisms in ways blatantly unfair and abusive.  I cannot let my extreme disappointment, however, stand in the way of my own professional responsibility to convey the realities which are compelling me to resign.