Family and Consumer Science

Interview with a Social Worker/Human Service Worker


Social work and human services personnel provide unique yet essential services for individuals and families across different settings. These efforts greatly impact the lives of these people in different ways and provide support to enable them to meet their specific goals and objectives. As a researcher, it is important and necessary to conduct interviews of selected personnel within these fields in order to identify their strategies for growth and their ability to achieve successful results for their clients. These indicators demonstrate that it is necessary for social workers and human service professionals to obtain expert knowledge and understanding of the field through the achievement of educational and licensure credentials. These credentials expand their qualifications to practice in their fields of choice and demonstrate the important impact of decision making and guidance for their clients in order to produce desirable results. In addition, field professionals must also embrace a number of key characteristics to achieve success, such as compassion, empathy, and sensitivity, amongst others. The following discussion will summarize an interview conducted with Dr. Elizabeth Osborne, a Licensed Psychologist in the State of New York and will evaluate her credentials and experiences in shaping the lives of her clients in different ways in order to improve their psychological health and wellbeing.