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Historical overview of special education in Vocational schools

The students with special needs may apply to the vocational schools of their choice to be equipped with skills of trade. The student counselors in vocational schools work hard to find a suitable placement depending on the interest of the student. The development of special education in the vocational schools can be traced to the elementary schools system even before the introduction of the comprehensive school system (Jorgensen, 2008). In the beginning, the special education concentrated on providing instructions for the pupils who had sensory disabilities. Some of the first schools to be established to provide for special education were catering for people with visual impairments, motor impairments and the hearing impairments. There was a period in which fork education was said to be the responsibilities of the local authorities, the consequence was that a lot of children with disability were excluded from schools during the period the system was undergoing reforms. As a result, the education for the people with disability was provided through philanthropic initiatives of charitable individuals and organizations (Rainforth & York-Barr, 2005).