The Life and Works of Antoni Gaudi

Antoni Gaudi was born in Catalonia in June of 1952. The exact area where he was born is not exactly known for sure, because Gaudi himself sometimes gave different answers to the question. Some of his papers, like the records of his baptism in the Catholic Church, say that Gaudi was born in the town of Reus, but he also sometimes said he had been born in Riudoms, where his father had a workshop. Two of Gaudi’s siblings died before reaching adulthood, and he had a brother and a sister that survived. Gaudi came from a long line of craftsmen and artisans, and it was no surprise that he followed in his father’s footsteps and showed that he was interested in woodwork, carpentry, and many other crafts at a young age. Gaudi would grow up to be a well-known architect with a reputation for taking an unusual approach to his work. His religious faith was an important part of his life, and many of Gaudi’s works show the significant influence of his Roman Catholic background.