Thunderheart Movie

The movie Thunderheart, directed by Michael Apted in 1992, draws its storyline from the events of Wounded Knee incident in 1973. During this incident, members of the American Indian Movement matched into the town of Wounded Knee in South Dakota to protest against the Federal government’s discriminatory policies against Native Americans. In the movie, Val Kilmer plays as Ray Levoi, and FBI agent with native American roots, who is sent to investigate a murder that has occurred on a native American reservation. The murder being investigated is political in nature, and Levoi’s boss has picked him for this assignment because his heritage might make it easy to talk to the local people. As he goes about his investigations, Levoi gains more awareness about Indian issues. Initially, the natives do not welcome him well because they think he is just an agent of Washington, which has been oppressing them. This movie highlights various issues to do with culture, political corruption and discrimination.