Mobile/Viral Video Production Company


            The industry of mobile creation has reached its peak status in relation to the manner by which the gadget industry has surged during these years. It could be understood that somehow, it is because of this trend in the market that companies like Mobile/Viral make a great impact on how the development of the trend takes a sense of advancement through time depending on how the market responds to the said change of culture in utilizing videos. For this particular presentation, a suggestion on how the company could boost their way of marketing the videos they create shall be given particular attention to.

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Mobile/Viral Video Production

Mobile/viral video production company is focused on videos crafted for mobile production. Their goal is also design technology to make it easy to share and amplify their mobile and video reach.  They want to go viral in record setting time.  The key age of individuals who utilize mobile video is between the ages 12-17 and 18-24.  The mobile video optimizing will create a video that will appeal to these small screen viewers.  The ultimate goal is to develop the name and reputation of the company as being the leader of video production.  Name association with readily recognized videos is important for the company to proceed with their long-term company goals.  The Mobile/Viral Video Production Company will utilize content strategy to reach their goal and successfully market their product.