Legal Issues

The Boston Marathon Bombing

The Boston Marathon bombing was one of the biggest cases of the 21st century. During one of the biggest events of the year in Boston, on a day called “Patriot’s Day”, two Chechens from the North Caucasus of Russia attacked the Boston people by exploding two pressure cookers at the finish line of the marathon. According to CNN, over 260 people were injured in the attack, and 4 people were killed. The attack quickly became a federal investigation and went from bad to worse when the Chechen brothers were spotted throwing grenades outside a hijacked car window at the cops after shooting an MIT police officer. The police officer dead bringing the death toll of this spree for the Chechen brothers to five innocent lives.

In the heat of the night, the 19 year old younger brother Tamerlan ended up hitting his brother while driving off in a stolen mercedes after a shoot off between cops. The manhunt ended when Tamerlan was found by a Watertown resident, hiding in a boat, bloody from the previous days attacks.

Evidence in the Boston Marathon bombing included photos of the brothers at the location where the bombs were dropped, a confession from the brother prior to his being mirandized, as well as apprehension of terrorist related material from the brothers computer. By the time Tamerlan was in hiding however, the evidence had already piled up against them, and the Chechen brothers had already been labeled guilty of the bombing in the eyes of the American public.

People who were not so convinced of the Chechen brothers guilt included the immediate family, many friends and a large quantity of “conspiracy theorists” across the country. Those who question the investigation believe that the brothers were framed, and believe that the FBI was behind the investigation, following the Tsarnaev’s since they came to the United States.



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