The Characteristics of “My” Leadership Organization

One would think that working for an online writing company would be nothing besides trouble; between being paid on time, fulfilling client or editor requests, or incessantly staring at a computer screen. In my experience, this can certainly be the case; however, this can also be the case when dealing with any employer.

The success of a business directly depends on productivity, the morale of employees, and the lines of communication open between management and staff. My current job writing for an online company definitely falls into the Supportive category–running smoothly, with some room to improve.

There is an always instant message capability between writers and editors, making for less revision rates, and even more flexible deadlines. Reliable writers are rewarded with better paying articles, but are also scrutinized in order to maintain quality. Much creative freedom is given in article writing and content writing, making the material constantly engaging.

No matter how great the organization, there is always room to improve. There are five aspects in which my organization could improve in order to achieve “Enlighented” status: monetary bonuses for increased workflow as well as regular pay-scale increases. Both of these things could increase morale, and thus productivity.

In addition, my company could spend more resources trying to find article topics as well as advertisement ventures. The article topics go without saying; the more content to work with, the better the final product. As far as advertisement goes, I believe this would be a great strategy to generate increased revenue, and perhaps offer writers revenue shares.

The final way I believe my organization could improve is though a better connection between what the management perceives, and what truly goes on. This probably holds true to any organization.