The Master Cleanse

The Master Cleanse diet is a fad diet that started in the 1940s and is a liquid based diet that has been scientifically proven to shed weight fast and detox the body of impurities (Olaski, 2008). Invented by Stanley Burroughs, this detox diet is based around a lemonade drink mixed with maple syrup, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper (Ferland, 2010). The idea of the Master Cleanse is for the dieter to drink the concoction whenever he or she is hungry- the combination of the ingredients are said to help speed up the metabolism, increase energy, decrease hunger and detox the body of impurities.

Some of the claims of the Master Cleanse diet include that dieters will lose ten pounds if they stick to the lemonade mixture twelve times a day for about two weeks, see an increase in their metabolism, improve their digestive system and rid their body of unhealthy toxins (Olaski, 2008). Opponents of the cleanse say that any kind of diet that promises that type of weight loss that master cleanse promises can not be healthy. “Dietitian Melinda Johnson, RD, doesn’t see anything positive about this diet plan” (Zelman, 2008). Doctor Johnson thinks the diet lacks scientific research and any empirical evidence that shows the diet is healthy. Johnson says the liver is the body’s natural way of ridding itself of toxins- the master cleanse is not needed for that purpose, and no diet should be used for such dramatic weight loss (Zelman, 2008).

I would not personally recommend the Master Cleanse myself. I do not think a diet that relies solely on a lemonade with maple syrup for two weeks is healthy for anyone. I also do not think that fad diets are healthy approaches for maintaining a healthy weight or healthy lifestyle. The key to any healthy lifestyle is moderation, and a diet that relies on water and maple syrup can not be healthy.


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