The Packaging Industry

The packaging industry involves the distribution of goods and also their storage and method by which they are wrapped and labeled. According to Natarajan (2009), “Packaging is a coordinated system of preparing goods for transport, distribution, storage, retailing and end use” (p. 2). This system comprises varied processes that are driven by the expertise of those working in various packaging professions.

Information about the packaging industry and professions within the industry is readily available online on sites such as the Institute of Packaging Professionals ( or the World Packaging Organization ( These websites are a significant resource for students learning about the packaging industry, and also for people interested in working in the industry. For example, the sites offer information about packaging industry news, events, and publications. These are excellent resources for keeping up-to-date with current packaging industry trends and also for networking opportunities for those interested in becoming packaging professionals. Additionally, for students, both of these websites can serve as reference resources for gathering industry facts for completing reports or discussion questions for school. Also, the Institute of Packaging Professionals offer information on classes, training and scholarship opportunities for students and packaging professionals who may desire to pursue continuing education in their field. In addition, the World Packaging Organization website has links to published papers that are significant to the packaging industry. These can serve as resources for research topics for students or expert information for packaging professionals.

These organizations definitely offer significant value that contributes to spreading knowledge about the packaging industry and to bringing together packaging industry professionals and those wishing to become packaging industry professionals.


Natarajan, S. (2009). Fundamentals of Packaging Technology . PHI Learning.

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