Thunder Heart Movie Review

Thunder heart is a fascinating movie involving Ray, a man with an FBI rank with Sioux background. Ray is sent to help with the murder investigation in a reservation. Unfortunately, here he should come to terms with his heritage fast so as to get the required information. Gradually, he chooses to reject the tactics of intimidation by fellow FBI agents who are interested in covering up the incriminating circumstances with the collaboration of the locals instead of solving the crime as required. He opts to be tuned to his heritage with the aim of wining the trust of the locals. This film is terrifically entertaining and revolves around not only the Native American culture but also how the system of the political mainstream affects life and culture. Further, this essay tackles thunder heart review under the following sub-headings culture, political and corruption as well as education.


Here, the Native American culture as well as lack of understanding of the same is clearly illustrated. Pertinently, American native reassigns Ray being a Sioux native so that he can act as a link in siphoning information from the Sioux to American, the above evident the barrier to information caused by the difference in culture. It is evident in the movie that culture causes even the hindrance of investigation for instance, the territory of Native American is within federal jurisdiction, and because of the above, and the FBI personnel are finding it hard get vital information from the native Sioux. The above forces the concern to call in Ray, who although inexperienced he can get a pathway information since he is a one-quarter Sioux, and that he was expected to be the torch bearer. It follows that due to his presence, he makes communication possible. The act of social networking and social kinship is illustrated here above.  I concur with the movie message on culture since it portrays the current obstacles on the fight of the crimes against the culture of the federal government jurisdiction.

The aspect of judging others is another factor that the movie thunder heart illustrates. The above is outlined in different perspective. For instance, the movie starts by addressing the physical landscape that ray is going in and his current landscape. Dawes, who calls in ray and informs him about his reassignment, brings out the fact of judging other people ineffectively here he asks him about his father whereabouts.  It is some how ballsy and coldly to tell people how they do not know about their fathers. Due to this, Ray gets upset and responds negatively by telling Dewes that he don’t know who his father is because he felt embarrassed. The above is a clear example on how FBI thinks on Ray, Ray after the above conversation he understands the fact that FBI established does not think of him the way he thinks of himself.

Corruption and politics

Political corruption and politics is another theme that the movie thunder heart communicates. Even though the film revolves around the police crime procedural, it is worth to note that the theme revealing corruption insinuates a unique insight into the darker part of the nature of human. Explanatory, the movie revolves around the agent of federal played by Van K. who has intention to solve murder crime on the reservation of the India. It is unfortunate to realize that at the core of corruption, is the FBI itself with the aim of pinning the murder of a Native American activist who may not have committed the crime. Notion illustrated here is that greater good is being served and that since the above is being used to meet out justice, then corruption is not really corruption. It is heart breaking to note that in the movie the idea of meeting justice is over powered by brutality. With the above, it is important to understand that when FBI or other departments are corrupted, then the morality in itself gets lost. Therefore, if the nation’s vital institution are immoral then the whole nation is corrupt through amalgamation of the entities that are microcosmic, which consists of Bibliography infrastructure of the nations. Having put that across, it is notable that the above passage outlines the fact that the movie thunder heart illustrates, that political corruption is alarming issue acknowledged in the play.

Considerably, the culture awareness and assimilation is seen in the manner to which Ray is sent to solve the murder of Indian reservation. With the companion of the older legendary man, Ray goes ahead to capture the radical protester of an Indian origin. Gradually, levy learns of the native cultures where he acknowledges the fact that the US government has framed an innocent man. It is pertinent to note that the movie portrays social and culture assimilation by illustrating how Ray is forced to change his previous self-FBI agent to the identity of the culture of being part Sioux Indian. In the course of the film, it is relevant to note that Ray’s life transits the above three cultural development. The first scene of the culture of Ray is witnessed at the time when he is not sent on assignment to reservation, then after his arrival at the airport, the place is filled with silence and lastly Ray sees the Sioux reservation in the south of Dakota. To crown it all, the above information illustrates the evident that culture assimilation is pertinent if certain information is required. People can be assimilated due to the struggle of serving another human kind or trying to get the truth of oneself or national concern phenomena.


It follows that education is another phenomena or theme that the movie thunder heart puts in consideration. Education is revealed in the way Ray handles the murder reservation at the Sioux. For instance, when he finds a raffle ticket in a jacket in the Leo’s car, which the killer had abandoned, he cleverly matches it to its stub. After professionally confronting Richard, he learns that Leo’s murderer was a set up of three FBI. It is worth noting that a non-educated FBI cannot handle such a murder case effectively as Ray deed. With the assistance of the education he had, he relays this information to the tribal police officers by the name Walter Crow. Still with the education, they have, after receiving the signal from Ray, the two of them goes ahead to follow Grandpa Reach’s visions and goes to Red Deer Table. Here they get revelation that there is intervention by the US government in the affairs of the tribe. However, the two again follows up the drilling of uranium, which causes the contamination of water supply, and lastly Maggie’s body is found in a shallowly dug grave. Without proper education, the above could not have been found and that they could not realize that Leo found out the drilling course, which Hawk killed him due to submission on the orders of the FBI.