Tidal Turbines: Policy Brief

The Skagit River Hydroelectric project is the primary issue under concern that the policy brief examines, in a bid to harness the tidal turbines power. Thus, setting up the Skagit project would require putting in place measure that will facilitate the realization of the anticipated outcomes. Working towards improving the efficiency of the project is an important aspect of the implementation of the policy. The consideration of the tidal turbines use for energy production qualifies the policy has having made a significant contribution to the energy sector.

The energy problem within the policy context adequately exemplifies the whole element of policy effectiveness in dealing with the renewable tidal turbine energy. The problems are caused by significant faults. Some of the implications of the policy include the fear of non-compliance to the set regulations.

When looking at the whole issue, for the successful implementation of the Skagit project, it is important to put into consideration a proper evaluation of the policies that will enhance the realization of success in the sector. One of the issues do deal with, in this case, is the emissions policy. Equally, the electricity generation policy requires a critical review to enhance and facilitate its effectiveness.

The policy options, though limited, have a significant impact on the institution of change. The current approach fails to meet the policy issue courtesy of the fact that it concentrates on the exploration of feasibility aspects in the active installation of the tidal turbines. The policy recommendation requires an active implementation to enhance the realization of the viability. Thus, shifting the policy becomes an instrumental aspect towards facilitating the realization of positive outcomes, courtesy of the accruing benefits. In the wake of the need to establish proper policy outlooks, it is important to observe technical aspects such as innovations and infrastructural qualities.

The appendix gives critical information that governs the understanding of the policy concepts. The policy brief research made use of a range of energy and technology-related resources to justify facts. It citing of other regulations governing similar projects qualifies the decision to set up the renewable energy source.