2011 MTV European Music Awards Belfast: A Tourism Event Case Study

1.0 – Legacy- Definition Of Legacy, Why It’s Important

1.0 1- Definition of Legacy

Legacy is the event that takes place habitually on a certain regular basis. These events may pertain to annual anniversary or commemoration celebrations. These events need celebration because they reminisce certain events from the past that has left a hallmark of national or personal memories. Legacy may also pertain to events, which need remembrance on a regular basis due to the importance the events have attached to the lives of hundreds of people through the years that they (the events) have come to exist. An example of this event is the annual MTV European Music Awards. This annual event has a special meaning to the city of Belfast. It hosted the annual awards gala in 2011.


Building a Global Presence in Luxury Market

Four Seasons-Regent: Building a Global Presence in the Luxury Market


Four Seasons Hotels, Inc. is an international luxury, five-star hotel Management Company based in Canada. Go, Choi, and Chan analyze the internationalization strategy of Four Seasons for growth and expansion. The researchers analyze the firm’s position against a theoretical framework developed by Johansson and Yip. The analysis indicates that the firm is now situated according to a global strategy from a strategy that is essentially regional. This report reviews Go, Choi, and Chan’s research that chronicles the evolution of Four Seasons from a domestic hotel company to a global hotel operation and analyzes the strategy the firm used.


Skyline Hotel New York

Skyline hotel is a hotel establishment that provides accommodation and dining. The hotel has 232 quest rooms that are twin room, superior room, deluxe king, executive king, deluxe queen, and junior suites. The skyline hotel is one among the skyline chain of hotels but operates independently from the others. The hotel provides an array of amenities to its quests including flat screen TV’s and refrigerators in rooms as well as Cali amenities and internet. The rates of the rooms start from $197 and vary according to the number of individuals occupying the room and the room booked. The hotel rates at four stars and provides exceptional services for its class. In addition, worth mentioning is that the hotel also allows pets and restricts the number of these pets to only two per room.


The Effects of Tourism on Ski Resorts in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the world’s most famous countries for skiing. Much of its holiday industry revolves around providing winter sports facilities at some of the highest mountains in Europe. This paper will examine some of the consequences of the country’s reliance on winter sports tourism, and what effects it has on the areas of the country in which ski resorts are located. Several aspects of their effects will be looked at. Tourism always has an impact on several different aspects of a place. In this case, the effects on the natural environment, the built environment, agriculture, transport links, population migration and economic development will be examined. The effects of tourism in each of these spheres will be assessed to see if tourism overall has a positive effect on Switzerland, generally speaking, while negatives will also be pointed out if they are present.


Informational Interview in the hospitality/tourism industry

Your Name:


Interviewee Information
Name of Interviewee


Antonio Cosio
Contact Information (phone number and/or email address) (Please note that we may contact your interviewee to confirm the interview.)


+52 744 469 6900




Las Brisas Hotel


Hotel owner

name, company, and contact info of the interviewee as well?

What is distinctive about the hotel locality? The hotel is situated in a celebrated Villa found near the beach in a peaceful island. The location allows guest to view the main attractions in the city and enjoy a relaxed plastic atmosphere.


What is the aspect that has made you an efficient hotel manager? The many years of experience and training in the hotel industry has given me a chance to learn new the new changes in the hospitality world. The good relationship with my employees has helped me to understand and appreciate my employees  that has encouraged them to be efficient.


What are amazing elements, which the hotel arranges for the guests? The Concierge  often arrange for guests a  romantic and  cultural restaurants, theatre ticket reservations, operas, musical concerts, tours outside the city. This is because the objective of the hotel is to make the customer happy.


What prompts your hotel to be impressive and treasured? For  many reasons the hotel ideal location is private stylish, excellent service, artistic atmosphere, modern amenities, and reputed gourmet restaurant known for their haute cuisine as well as  tasty Italian foods. The hotel provides distinguished travelers with memorable experience in the stylish and serene environment of an exceptional patrician villa as the hotel is a representation of real vintage experience.


Which activities do you undertake to promote the hote? The hotel has a website that contains information about the hotel and helps to deduce any information that touches on the hotel operations.


What is the  hotel atmosphere and  the kind of  guests who stay in the hotel? Resolutely, tranquil with a refined atmosphere and pays attention to every detail to please clients. The hotel has been fully renovated and decorated in an artistic style. The hotel attracts clients over the age of 40 and families that has children above 12 as well as business travelers.
What has made the hotel a destination for many people? The interiors feature of the hotel have an  exceptional collection filled with  art-deco design that has  distinct  lightings, amazing sculptures and superb paintings associated with  celebrated women that has been made by European artists. The hotel has a unrivaled eating establishment, that gives elegant décor that gives  art lovers a chance to dine in an graceful setting.


What is your favorite meal in the restaurant? The hotel restaurant has an Italian menu that has Italian and local dishes that vary every season composing of fresh ingredients.
How are employees trained in the hotel?  The company offers on job training together with study manuals that helps in improving skills and knowledge among employees.
What are  present  goals for the hotel and methods of executing them?


My present goal is to put the hotel in  the  world map with extensive advertisements  to ensure promotion of the hotel to many people.


The hotel business remains a very competitive industry that needs constant improvement, staying away from competition and re-invention .Although the situation is ideal for some hotel owners as for others it remains a way of life. Operating a hotel takes into consideration social skill in a business sense with an artistic detail. Efficiency, punctuality, and quality service remains the important aspects in operation of a successful hotel business. The customers should be given priority because they are the basis of the operation of a hotel.



New Horizons, Personal Evolution

It is never easy to define who you are.  We grow and change all the time, especially when we are young and just beginning to get an idea of ourselves.  When I try to set out who I am, then, I look at what in life means the most to me and what has shaped me in the strongest ways.  That answer is not hard to identify.  If anything inspires me at my deepest levels, I believe it is the opportunity to see and explore as much of the world as I possibly can.  If I do not exactly find myself in these travels, I think I create who and what I am through them.