Transcript Error Letter


To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to you to request substitution of English 3189 for English 2120 this semester because of the circumstances that occurred as a result of an error in the college’s computer registration system as well as Professor Natov’s mistake.

I am currently enrolled in my last semester at Brooklyn College but a recent Degree Audit revealed that I have not taken English 2120 which is required for graduation. I have always relied on Professor Natov’s guidance who I believe is also the chair woman of the English Department. She always seems to know what is best for me. Due to the error in the college’s computer registration system which stated I had already taken English 51, both Professor Natov and I thought I had already taken English 51 but in fact, I had taken English 5.1 and not English 51. It was either the system’s or human error and I believe it would be unfair for me to pay extra to take English 2120 since I have already taken an English Elective class. If I am forced to take English 2120, not only I will have to pay extra but I would also have taken English 51 for nothing since it will not be counted towards graduation requirements.

I hope you will understand my circumstances. Not only there will be financial cost of taking an extra course, but I will also have to cancel graduation as well as travel plans I have already made with family and friends. In addition, work opportunities are waiting for me and I will also be forced to delay my entry into work life. This error occurred due to no fault of mine and if I knew about this error before, I would already have taken English 51 long time ago. I am also confused how the system allowed me to enroll in English 2121 which is the second half of English 2120 if I had not taken English 2120? I hope you will understand and allow me to substitute English 3189 for English 2120 because the situation didn’t result from any fault of mine. In addition, I will also be able to avoid huge costs both in terms of time and finance.