Two ways to improve change management

Change management is the process of transitioning people, places, things, processes, inputs, outputs or an assortment of other variables that impact the business to a new and desired end state.  The change management process follows the process of creating a change, requesting change, approval of the change, communication of the change, implementation of the change and sustainment of the change.

No matter how large or how small the change should go through some varying degree of that process.  Larger changes or changes that impact a breadth of areas would focus not only on the core area that is changing but all the change that will result in the other depending or impacted areas.  This type of change management focus allows for the remediation of potential risk to other parts of the organization.  In order to implement change and fully benefit from the change being implemented there are a couple areas that can help improve the entire process.  The first area of change management that can help improve the process revolves around communication.  There needs to be informative and concise communication that is available for reference by the entire organization.  The key to communication is having targeted communication to the key participants while also allowing for increased ease of access for a larger spectrum of users.  The next area that would improve change management is the ability to rollback changes that occur if they are implemented and unintended results occur.  Having a rollback plan that can be implemented as well as criteria on when a rollback plan is required to be enacted will take the guesswork out of a very tough decision.  This also allows for key areas of operation to have a risk mitigation plan enacted if the situation warrants it.