Value Proposition

A value proposition refers to a statement that describes a product or service directly to its target audience in a way that will persuade them to purchase the products or undergo the services.  The value proposition statement should be a short, clear and concise statement that should summarize why individuals should purchase from the company and no other companies.  A value proposition is meant to enlighten the client and illustrate the remedy in which customers or clients need in order to obtain their goal.  Basically, the value proposition focuses on the outcome of client and serves to show them the positive aspects of their product or service in a few short words.  In addition, the size of the company shouldn’t make a difference in the quality or length of the value proposition.  The overall purpose is the same for each company and their value proposition.  There a successful value proposition contains some key points such as, peaking interest to the client, illustrate the company as the key competitor, focus on the clients view, and demonstrating a positive outcome such as increase in sales and revenue.  (Maynard, 2010)

In order to write a value proposition, the company should be evaluated and the uniqueness about the company and its products or services should be identified.  This information can be obtained directly from existing customers in order to get a better understanding of the value of the product.  (Maynard, 2010)  For this paper, the company Isolux Corsan was evaluated in order to manipulate a value proposition.   Isolux Corsan is a global energy, construction and industrial service that provide services in 30 countries.  In the United States, the company is developing projects for building transmission lines.  (Isolux Corsan, 2011)  After reading about Isolux Corsan America, a strong value proposition would be as follows:

“Isolux Corsan serves the people and the ecosystem with construction, maintenance and management of renewable energy products that will help reduce costs while preserving the environment at the same time”.  



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