Water Pool Equipments Bid 

Statement of work

The work under this contract is the construction of water pool equipments for the federal government. The work is therefore limited to the construction of the water pool equipment in Mississippi. The federal government is undertaking this project for the purpose of supplying adequate pool water equipments for the federal workers in Mississippi. The work will entail digging of water pool as per the standard requirements stated by the water and hydrological authorities for government pool equipment.

The project shall be undertaken within a given period of time preferably 2 years to deliver a perfect job. The project is deemed to start at the beginning of the government financial year so as to ensure adequate funds. The selected supplier should be able to deliver the project within the two year period (Holtz, 2009).

The schedule of delivery shall be monitored by the chief engineer of the water department for the federal government. For the firs few months the selected contractors should cooperate with the chief engineer to ensure that the diggings and ground excavations done to the desired depth, width and length as stated in the contract statement. The criteria of acceptance will be based on the stated standards in the contract and adherence to the specifications designed by the water and hydrological department. Other miscellaneous issues not covered in the scope of the contract will involve the contract clearing the soil debris that is excavated from the ground before the pool can be declared useful. The selected contractor shall stick to the requirements of the Bid No. 445533 construction of pool equipments in Mississippi. The modalities for payment of the contract shall be determined upon completion of the job and as per the stated requirements and adherence to the rules and regulations laid down by the federal government regarding the construction of water pool equipment. As stated the negotiations shall also determine the element of pay in the contract.

The procurement officer shall obtain the license of pool construction from the federal government which shall be issued to the selected contractor. The license shall form part of the documentation necessary for the construction process. The license and any other necessary documents shall ensure that the constructor have the right permission to apply tools such ground excavators and ground vibrators during the construction period.

The duties of the procurement officer will ensure that the contractor gets ample time and proper security during the construction period. The chief engineer will also work with contractor ensure that the important issues in the contract are covered (Holtz, 2009).


The proposal for this project is based on the constructions of water pool equipment for the federal government in Mississippi. The client in this contract is the federal government who has the intention to construct the above stated item for its staff quarters. This bid should therefore be undertaken to according the requirements laid by the engineering department and honoring the specifications stated by the procurement officer in the procurement order Bid No. 445533 construction of pool equipments in Mississippi. The federal government is ready to cooperate with the selected contractor to ensure delivery of quality equipment to the staffs. The contractor should be willing to cooperate with the engineering department in conducting a survey of the site to ascertain its suitability for the project. Proper cost estimates and quotations should be developed by the contractor in collaboration with federal chief engineer. This is important because the quotations developed will be taken to the federal finance department to determine the amount of funds that can allocated for the project and be compared against the cost quoted by the contractor (Baugh, & Robert, 2010).

Specifications and drawing

The contract shall be pursued as per the specifications laid down in the contract requirement. The contract requires that the order Bid No. 445533 be taken according to the this specifications

Bid No: 445533

Bid location: Mississippi

Client: Federal government

Contractor: qualified Water Company

Measurements: 6 meters length by 4 meters width and 1.1 meters deep.

Cc: The water and hydrological department, the federal finance department and federal construction authority.



The below diagram shows a scale drawing of the water pool equipment project

The pool diagram drawn to scale






From the drawing shown in the diagram the scale used is 2cm = `1m, this therefore implies that 2cm on the paper represents 1 m on the actual ground. The very scale applies to the depth. The contractor should therefore conduct a survey of the site to ensure that the above measurements can be attained without any interference with the targeted shape.

Water reservoirs shall also be constructed in the site to ensure free flow of water. the equipments should have good drainage systems to ensure freshness of the pool (Ricci, 2009).

Special conditions

The special conditions under this contract may arise due to nature and topography of the selected site. However, the other special conditions will require the client (the federal government) to supply power for the contractor to enhance the process, the client shall be obliged to provide additional support materials that are available in the construction site such stones which may be use to make ballast for construction of concrete. All serviceable materials available in the site that will enable the contractor finish the job in time will also be used. The contractor is allowed to under the agreement to dig trenches in the site or any other ground excavations that are necessary for the completion of the contract. The client deserves the right to be informed by the contractor the equipments and tools that are to be used in the project to determine whether the issue of environmental conservation is upheld.

General Conditions and Contract Agreement

The general conditions in this contract agreement require the all contractors should be to submit sealed bid documents before the state deadline. The bid also provides all the details that pertain to the document. The conditions regarding the acceptance and decline of the contract are also properly illustrated in the bid document. The tender also states clearly on the issue of bond security and bond evaluation



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