Water Pool Equipments Bid

The contract chosen for this work is developing the Request for Proposal (RFP) to construct water pool equipments. The contract is aimed at constructing water pool equipment for the federal government and thus the need to obtain the most suitable contractor is deemed paramount for the success of the project. The project will be awarded to water and hydrologic companies that have a history of good dealings in the industry. Therefore as the procurement expert of the federal government it is important to ensure that the contractors understand all the requirements of the contract to deliver quality services.

List of bidders

This bid is open to all water and hydrological companies in America

The companies in Mississippi are also encouraged to apply as it has been identified as the actual location of the project.

All interested bidders who meet the requirements and regulations expected by the federal government are encouraged to apply for the bid.

Instructions to bidders

Bid No. 445533 construction of pool equipments in Mississippi

Experienced and potential bidders are invited to partake the construction of pool equipment for the federal government. This initiative is being pursued by the federal government in an attempt to ensure that it has modern pool equipments that are suitable for the purposes. The contract will be awarded to suitable contractors who posses the expected experience and competency. The contractors should therefore send a list of customers who they have worked with for proper assessment of before the bid can be awarded.

General description of the work

The contract will entail mapping the site where the pool equipment should be constructed, surveying, conducting soil test of the site, conducting hydrological tests and digging the pool equipment. The activities will extend to the construction of a water reservoir for the pool equipment to ensure constant supply of water for the pool. The contractor for the project is also expected to provide a clear and comprehensive time line that is necessary for the construction of the pool equipment. The pool must be constructed to adhere to the requirements set by the federal authority to ensure that the specifications for the equipment are met.

What be included in the Bid

The contractors applying for this bid are expected to comply with the general rules and regulations that monitor the operations and conduct of bidders. They are expected to be registered with the relevant body for instance; the bidders in this case must be registered members of the hydrological experts association. The bidders will also be required to submit the following copies of the following documents for the check up during the appraisal process:-

  • Certificate of registration by the water and hydrological authority
  • Tax compliance certificate
  • List of previous customers
  • List of prices and quotations for the bid
  • List of employees and their qualifications and experience
  • Environmental safety certificate
  • Certificate of insurance

The constructors are also required to submit pictures of previous jobs and if possible appraisal letters given by the relevant authorities.

The specifications of this project requires a bidder or a construction company that can properly construct a pool equipment of the following dimensions, 6 meters or 18 ft width, 10 meters or 30 ft length and 3 ft deep. The pool should be tiled and well covered to avoid water leakage. In the light of this, the contractors are therefore required to submit a list of preferred measurements that they deem applicable for the construction of the pool equipment. They should be able to shows conformity to the specifications set by the previous clients.

The bidder should also show compliance to environmental and safety requirements. It is also important that the contractors have enough financial capacity to handle the project. It is therefore deemed important that the contract provide the threshold of contracts that can the company can handle efficiently.

Schedule of Bid Period Activities

The documents from potential contractors should be submitted before 10.AM, 5th May 2013. Any bid document submitted later than the time specified will not be accepted. Any extension or changes in the deadline will be done through proper notification to all the contractors. The bid proposals will be dropped in the tender box that is located next to the federal procurement office. The proposals will be opened fourteen days after the date of receipt which is 19th May 2013, the proposals will be opened in the3 presence of all the contractors who are expected to attend and witness the process. The contractors are also allowed to send their representatives in case they cannot attend the function. The meeting will be attended by the federal bid evaluation committee and the head of the procurement department. The contractors will have the opportunity to know about the issues that pertain to the bid.

Location of work

The project for this work will be done in Mississippi, where the federal government intends to construct pool equipments for the servant quarters. The contractors are therefore expected to work out their transportation costs to the site as the road and rail transport are deemed efficient modes that can be used to ply the site. Contractors may also travel to the site to conduct an assessment of how they will conduct their operations while in the site.

Pre-Bid Meeting

The prior to the general meeting, a pre-bid meeting will be held on 9th May 2013 which will be done 10 days before the general meeting. The meeting shall commence at 10 AM and punctuality should be maintained to ensure that all the issues raised are discussed. The main aim of the meeting is to allow all the contractors to familiarize themselves with the team that they will work with. The meeting is also meant to accentuate the various terms set in the contract.

Contact for Inquiries

Any questions raised by the bidders will be addressed by the secretary to the procurement department. The secretary will be available in the federal procurement office to respond questions raised by the bidders and the process will be embraced the important elements of confidentiality and high level of professionalism. Clarifications will be provided to the bidders on issues that they will perceive vague or not properly clarified. Contact to the procurement secretary will be obtained at the reception desk where directions to the office will be given. The secretary can also be contacted on this toll free number + 862 67 784 982.

Pre- Award surveys

The bidders are expected to forward a description of the approaches to be used in handling the project; they are also expected to give. They should be to present various samples of designs that they have used to design previous pool equipments.

Bid evaluation approach

The rationale for evaluating this project will be based on quality, price and experience of the contractors. The evaluating committee will also look at the ability to develop within the expected time span. The pool equipments should be constructed properly and of high quality to ensure durability and reliability.

Ethical requirements

The relationship between the federal procurement department and the selected bidder will be guided by the provisions laid down in the procurement practice act. Cases of bribery or corruption will not be tolerated as this will interfere with the integrity of the contract. The contractor will not be expected to influence the decisions of the procurement officer in any way by offering gifts or bribes.

Responsibility for surety of bonds

The bonds to the contractor will be based on the exact value of the contract and the contractor should show the capacity and ability to meet the specified bonds for surety.

Letter of acknowledgement

The procurement department will be highly pleased to receive the information from the bidders who will be interested in participating in the bidding process. This will enable the procurement section to know the exact number of bidders that are ready to take part in the competitive process. The procurement department will also be able to make any changes should some of the bidders decline.