“What do you hope to achive five years from now?”

Five Years from Now

Life is an unpredictable thing because sometimes circumstances outside our control also determine the course of our lives. But this doesn’t diminish the importance of planning because planning ensures we spend our efforts in the right direction and have a benchmark against which we can measure our progress. This is why I try to have both short term and long terms goals. Three major goals I hope to achieve in the next five years include graduating from college, getting a full-time job related to my major, and travel to at least ten different countries over the course of next five years.

I am now a full-time college student and probably no other goal could be more important than finishing the degree with a good GPA. This is why I have developed an action plan for the next few years to determine how much academic workload I may have to take each semester and how I may deal with unexpected events. Since I also work and am responsible for funding some of the college costs through personal funds, knowing semester load also helps me plan my part-time job work schedule. If there is still a funding gap between expected costs and funds, I have adequate time to look for other sources. I also make sure to meet my academic advisor on regular basis to create plans for the upcoming semester so that I can enroll in desired courses in a timely fashion before the seats get filled. Before enrolling in courses, I often talk to students who have taken the course before, to get an idea of the difficulty of the class so that I do not take more academic workload than what I can manage efficiently. Thus, planning plays a big role in my college life and significantly increases the probability that I will have graduated from college within next five years.

My second goal is to get full-time job related to my major. I realize my generation is living in quite unpredictable times and even college degree doesn’t guarantee a job as the recent financial crisis and the subsequent events have shown. Employers have greater expectations from candidates and the competition is tougher than ever. This is why I have devised a plan to do at least two summer internships. The internships will significantly increase the probability that I have a job offer by the time I graduate or will land a job soon after graduation. Summer internship may lead to a job offer from the company at which I intern or it may provide me valuable contacts through networking which eventually provide a successful lead.

My third goal is to travel to at least ten countries within the next five years. I have had the fortune of travelling to few countries in Europe and Asia during my high school and the amount of learning I gained during travels exceeded all my expectations. I eventually realized that travelling doesn’t only help you learn more but also provides you with valuable lessons that can be applied to both personal and professional lives. Globalization has diminished the importance of geographical boundaries and cross-cultural contacts will only increase over time. It is also possible that a significant proportion among us will have at least one assignment in other countries. Thus, travelling will not only help me better understand how the world works but may also prepare me better for potential international assignments during my professional career.

I am excited to find out where life takes me in the next five years but I believe if I can successfully achieve the above three goals, life will be a lot more wonderful than it is now. I understand the importance of planning, thus, I already have a plan in place regarding all three goals. The planning will not guarantee I will definitely achieve my goals because unseen circumstances can always arrive but it will significantly improve the probability that I do succeed in achieving my objectives.