Work of Art

Pablo Picasso.

Three Musicians


The work of art was observed at the New York Museum of Modern Art. The surroundings around the artwork are perfect compliments to the piece of art in that they are painted in colors that complement those used in the artwork. The colors are a soft shadow of blue and brown colors, which almost match those in the painting. The walls next to the one this art work is hung are filled with musical works thus setting the musical mood such that once an individual gets to this particular piece he is swayed by it hence easier understanding of its presentation.

The subject matter consists of three musicians playing a piece of music in harmony though it seems like they are going to fall due to the sloping painting of the floor but they hold their ground. The three musicians are dressed in different colors for easier recognition but someone has to pay attention to notice this feature. Elements of art are presented in a very simple way. For example, the heights of the musicians are equal; colors used are in harmony with each other showing the prowess of the artist in using different colors without distorting the feeling ambiance of the artwork.

The artistic art form affects the content by requiring a critical eye to follow the flow and direction of strokes used to complete the piece. The artist wanted to show the unison in which musicians use to produce music thus tricking the mind that there exists only one musician while in reality there exists more than one. The surroundings around the artwork are perfect compliments to the composition in that they include a contrasting scenery in contrast to those used in the artwork.

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