How to Write a Discussion Essay in IELTS

How to Write a Discussion Essay in IELTS

You may be wondering how to write a discussion essay in IELTS. There are a few key aspects to consider. This article will help you get the hang of the format, as well as common mistakes to avoid. Before writing your essay, make sure to read the tips below. Then, get started! Below are some tips and tricks on how to write a discussion essay. You’ll be glad you read them!

Structure of a discussion essay

Before starting to write a discussion essay, it’s helpful to write an outline of the paper. The outline can be in the traditional essay format or you can just make a list of the main points you will discuss. You should also have the information and references you need to support your ideas. If possible, use two or three sources for your argument. A good example of a discussion essay is the one written by an academic.

The introduction sentence should state the topic of the essay. It should be as debatable as possible, as a good discussion essay presents both sides of a topic. Your writing should be thorough and provide evidence to support your points of view. Once you’ve done this, make sure to end the introduction with a hook and your name so your reader can follow the rest of the essay. Here are some examples of the structure of a discussion essay.

Steps involved in writing a discussion essay

The steps involved in writing a discussion essay are a little different from those of a typical essay. For one thing, you should start by outlining your essay topic on a piece of paper. Outlining helps you stay on track and focus on the ideas and points you wish to discuss. You can use a traditional outline format, or you can simply jot down your main points for discussion. In either case, you should keep your structure consistent throughout your essay.

A good discussion paper starts with an introduction that paraphrases a given issue and describes the thoughts, explanations, and contentions offered. You should then include an outline sentence and a thesis statement. The next step is the body, where you can explain your perspective and use appropriate models to support your claims. After this, you should summarize all of your assessments and offer useful suggestions. While writing your discussion essay, you should also make use of relevant examples and journal guidelines.

Common IELTS discussion essay mistakes

Many IELTS aspirants make the same IELTS discussion essay mistakes over again. Although the work may be beautifully presented, there’s a chance of the task going off-topic, which means your essay will not receive the mark you are hoping for. Here are some ways to avoid these common mistakes:

Don’t use rare words in your IELTS essay. While many children spend their time playing games, this time could be better spent studying. Practice writing with all the points in mind. This will improve your overall IELTS band score. Here are three common IELTS discussion essay mistakes to avoid:

Make sure to stick to the word limit. IELTS Writing tests are word count-based, so make sure you follow the instructions. Try to keep your essay short and to the point. Many test takers overestimate their word limit, believing that a longer essay will lead to higher scores. Instead, stick to the word limit. However, a longer essay may not make the cut. Just be sure to count your words carefully and don’t use more than necessary.

Preparation for writing a discussion essay

The most important part of a discussion essay is the body. Generally, this part should be divided into paragraphs, based on key points. You can also break down the body into favorably and unfavorably presented sections. The most effective way to begin is with the weakest argument or point, as this will help the reader know how the essay should proceed. It should also contain some background information that will help the reader understand the overall flow of thought.

The introduction of a discussion essay should clarify the question to arouse the interest of the reader. The writer should characterize the central contention, which is known as the thesis statement. The conclusion of the essay should summarize the key points discussed and the way forward. The introduction is the first section of the body. It is also important to establish the structure of the essay. In the beginning, the topic should be a topic that is interesting to the reader. In the body, it should present both sides of an issue and support the position with relevant research.

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