How to Choose an Essay Topic That is Personal to You

How to Choose an Essay Topic That is Personal to You

Choosing an essay topic that is personal to you is a great way to write a great essay. Choosing an essay topic that you are passionate about will allow you to argue for it with conviction. Many students have trouble finding positions and causes for topics they’ve been assigned. Personal topics will help you write a good essay that is interesting to the reader. Here are some tips to choose the perfect essay topic. We hope these tips will help you get started on your next assignment.

Avoiding a topic that is too broad

Avoiding a topic that is too broad or too narrow when choosing an essay topic is important if you want your readers to understand what you’re trying to say. Too broad of a topic will create too much wording for your readers to understand. If you can’t provide enough evidence to support your thesis statement, they might not trust your essay. So, avoid a broad topic if you don’t know what you’re writing about.

Choose a narrow topic instead. A narrow topic is not as easy to write about as a broad one, and it is difficult to find research resources for it. Remember that your goal when choosing an essay topic is to inform, not persuade. The easiest way to narrow down a broad topic is to frame it as a question. If you can’t narrow it down, start by framing it as a question and research the topic from there.

While it is tempting to write about the Civil War, it is not a good idea to choose a topic that’s too specific. You’ll find it difficult to write about a specific event in history or delve deeply into an issue that’s too general. To avoid this pitfall, choose a topic that is more narrow. If your essay is about the history of women’s rights, don’t write a five-page paper about the history of women’s rights. A more specific topic will give you a better chance of writing a solid essay.

Avoiding a topic that is too general

When choosing a topic for an essay, you must avoid a broad one, which might be too ambiguous or too specific for your audience. A broad topic may confuse your readers, and a specific topic may not have enough evidence to convince readers to support your thesis statement. For this reason, avoid a general topic, even if it sounds interesting. Here are some ways to pick a topic that is both interesting and specific.

Choosing a topic that is too general might be too revealing, especially if it deals with a sensitive subject, such as sexuality. In such a case, the writer will appear as an irresponsible or morally wrong person. In addition, failure to draw a line between general and specific topics might turn an otherwise fine paper into something that borders on obscenity.

Choosing a topic that you’re familiar with

Choosing an essay topic that you’re acquainted with can help you create a strong argument. The topic should be something that you’re familiar with because it allows you to explore your ideas in depth. Moreover, you will have fewer research requirements. Thus, you’ll be less likely to miss the deadline. It’s also advisable to select a topic that you’re interested in.

Generally, essays on topics that you’re familiar with do not require reference materials. This is because they are personal discussions and not research assignments. On the other hand, a familiar topic may call for quotations or references from famous authors. However, you should still pay special attention to proofreading a familiar essay topic because it’s more likely to require revising. In fact, you should pay special attention to the tone of your writing when proofreading a familiar essay topic.

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